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All States of America is being ask to support our projects and events?


New York State Cities

In the New York Boroughs we shall have events entertaining the fans and while doing so we will give back to surrounding communities are needy. Charity Tickets!

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Talents are welcome

Garth Tickets Online . Com wishes to book performers from all ethnicity who have a passion for causes and who can be along standing member.   Rendition Tickets!


A concise list of some of the most productive programs head.  The main Concert Location is in the United States on Garth Tickets Online . Com, we are planing constructive concert events for performers-development -escape and charitable needs. GarthTicketsOnline.Com is not a non profit but a supporter of 

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This is your Model ISAAC ODURO

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The purpose for Garth Tickets Online .Com is to sell tickets when conducting a concert in the USA. The next concert events tickets...

Isaac Oduro

Model, Advertising 

Garth Music Tour. Com is one of the partner that will conduct tours to support Causes and to make an opportunity service to communities.

Tess Timonial

Net Move Garth Music Tour, Inc

Garth Charity Projects, Inc was formed in the United States to benefit the needy. Visit Us?

Hugh Canduit

Founder and President