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Music  Development

Music Development 

Under Net Move Garth Music Tour, Inc

Songs and music being presented should be acknowledge to be promote on, such global media outlet as Apple Music, and others music media outlet, I Garth Thompson owner of a Non profit: Garth Charity Projects, Inc, and For profit: Net Move Garth Music Tour, Inc which are both working parallel with each other to develop and aiding community. We welcome Garth Tickets Online . Com to be the Music development and promotional spot on the website in this processing of giving access to genres and their music development. 

Net Move Garth Music Tour, Inc have website that will do the larger part of Music escape.

Garth Thompson Founder and President, wish to bring up and coming talents to the apple Music, other music  media outlet companies, online that can support website Garth Tickets Online . Com  this will allow potential artiste to present their package. Therefore, materials that are suitable for Apple Music, and other media outlets,  performers should go through the chain of processing their songs to be heard on media outlets, this must be done by  the writers and singers, all performer.s and their songs, and as well as giggles should be register by person who create the materials.

Founder and President, our non profit will then select performer (s) from apple music and other music media outlet.  GarthTicketsOnline, Net Move Garth Music Tour, Inc, and GarthCharityProjects, will book performs for Concerts Events, development and aiding community dire needs etc. Now development meaning regular concert events and aiding programs, children cancer institutions, performers, royalty, and our company, and the non profit GarthCharityProject, Inc giving back to society.

Concerts events will be planned and performed to entertain the world this will be needed in times when their is a reason. These performers really do need the exposure  and that we must provide it will be good to hired  these talented perform. to entertain and give back.

Garth Tickets Online com is where we sell tickets and promote shows of all occasions, the Apple Music, and other music media outlet are welcome to invite performers music on their music media outlet, online, this will boost their traffic and turn their sale around. It will be a great opportunity base to direct singers and musicians to, as well as search for singers to be a headliner of a event, would not be a problem.

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