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We have come to the page where all viewers will read about us as to when we started and why Garth Tickets Online. Com was created and for what purpose. It all started back when Garth B. Thompson decided that people meaning mostly young people needed a start in pursuing their musical and career and other stage acts. The Founder and President was willing to bring about the most ready and willing stars that will help in so many ways. The reason for Garth Tickets Online. Com was to make tickets available to fans.  The site was created and there online to galvanize the fans and genres over the years people would visit the site. But recently Garth B. Thompson  decided to recreate the website as the plans for it started to all fall in place. The site Garth Tickets Online . Com will now help to bring in tones of show-events that will just not support entertain fans but partnering entity ( Garth Charity Projects, Inc) which communities will benefit from a great deal.  The Garth Tickets Online. Com will use the Magazine to highlight the inner activities to the public at large. Therefore, we have so much information to spread around we just can't do it in one day or one year on the site, so our magazine will share the rest of information off-line in greater details in months  to come. We hope you visit again to learn more?



Garth Tickets Online

“He taught us a lot about friendship and all the things you can accomplish as a team.”

GarthTicketsOnline . Com ReadMore

Reggae Singer

Reggae entertainer Jah Jah Yute Working on Movies, our company would like for him to work on projects that will enrich lives in the unite States and Jamaica as well, not to mention the world.


Jah Jah Yute

Up and coming in Brooklyn Stars, & else where.

If you have that dream that will allow you to shine then bring it to Garth Tickets Online.

Com, we are waiting on you!  BE IN THE MAGAZINE?

“He taught us a lot about friendship and all the things you can accomplish as a team.”

To know more about this Model Isaac Oduro visit his Page Isaac Oduro Bio


Isaac Oduro

Isaac Oduro


Your special tickets will be at the click of this link. Readmore

On the Blog, you will learn about artiste details. ReadMore


Up and coming stars will perform for causes and use this opportunity as their escape. ReadMore

New York


With you giving back to community our projects will help to make a difference!  



Garth Charity Projects, Inc

The dream of Garth Charity Projects is to work side by side with communities and their needs, and bring out a community that will  continue to give back for generations to come

Visit our partner,


garthmusictour is your career supporter through your music escape, here you will gain access and support from Net Move Garth Music Tour, Inc.” 


Founder and President

“ Richard Morgan Singer and who is a Jamaican born.”

Richard Morgan is also a model. his bio can tell you more visit the Blog?

Richard Morgan


Richard Morgan

Richard Morgan Singer




Your talent . Your escape.


GarthCharityProject, Inc Give back


  Click here about, Garth Charity Projects, Inc


Shevon Lindo

Shevon Lindo coming to you on the scene straight out of the Caribbean Island of Jamaica West Indies. He is ready for stage and events as well as Projects ahead.  This Shevon Lindo a son of Jamaica W.I.


Shevon Lindo


 Singers out of Jamaica, the duo bio can tell you more visit Jamaica Stars?


Javed and Ricardo

Duo Javed and Ricardo
Quann Boyd

Click Here to View Super Star Model, QUANN BOYD On Blog

Our website Magazine welcome "Super Star Model, "QUANN BOYD"

Learn More

QUANN BOYD, Modeling dream is alive in NYC



Can be seen on Promote This!

Click this. link to view and support  Super Star Model QUANN BOYD

Quann Boyd

CeeJay Johnson's

Life stories to the world comes with many development and open doors! He could one day write a Book.

CeeJay Johnson

CeeJay Johnson Biography

"Rather You Do Big Things, Do Small Things Great."

My name is Ceejay Johnson, 21 years old, and I was born in Kingston Jamaica. Growing up as a child, I didn't have a mother figure around me, and so sometimes I used to feel like nobody care's or love me, and so I use to do things to seek attention.

Living with a step mom, and being the only black child in the family, I was always considered to be the odd one out of her two brown children. I used to be treated like a slave, but despite the odds, I had a roof over head, food to eat, and clothes to wear.

I can recall being a beggar, not because I wanted to, but because I never had a choice. I was always called a dunce, but regardless of my situation, I always value education 100%.

I'm currently enrolled at The Mico University, and is doing my Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics Education. The reason why I've chosen this career path of being a teacher, is not because of the remuneration that I'll be getting, but because I want to impact the lives of student's through teaching.

Being humbled is a key goal that will help you, in achieving your goals as an individual. I always tell people that their success, depends on them, and so if they do not work hard towards their goals, then they will never be something great in life.

I am told by many that I'm talkative, but if I wasn't for the right and positive reason's, then my standards as an individual would have been dropped.

I thank God for the past that he had brought me through, because it makes me the greatest person I am today. I learn to let go, and trust him more and more.

I want to encourage somebody today, to let go of the past, focus on the now, and by doing that it'll prepare you for the future, because with God all things are possible.

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GarthTicketsOnline onFaceBook

CeeJay Johnson

Shevon Lindo

Shevon Lindo


My name is Shevon Lindo. I was born March 29, 1990 on the most beautiful island in the world, Jamaica. I grew up in the inner city of Whitfield Town also known as Maxfield. Despite the negative images painted on the community I managed to surpass and focus on my aspirations. My aspirations as awarded me a first degree in Management Information System and currently pursuing my second degree in Business Administration. My love for youth's and my community as awarded me president of the Youth Power Ministry at Life Tabernacle Church. I also serve as worship leader. I have ministered both locally and internationally with my gift as a psalmist touching the heart's of men. My limit is beyond the sky therefore I will not neglect the gifts and talents I have, which was given to me by prophecy. My perusal and love for fashion and the model industry will give give hope to other Christians to go after their dreams despite the norm of what world descriptively assigned as Christians. My main objective is to contribute effectively to the development of Jamaica through maintaining strong presence in my community and surrounding communities whilst changing the outlook against the norm of Christian modelling certain look, thus nurturing my continued growth while presenting me with challenging responsibilities.

GarthTicketsOnline onFacebook post


Kadeene Obryan Scott


Kadeene Obryan Scott Biography

Kadeene Obryan Scott popularly known as K’Obryan Scott, is a 24 years old Radio host who loves to make others happy by using his voice over the airwaves and in person. Kadeene, is a goal oriented individual who strives to become the best at what he does and won’t stop until he gets it right. He also loves to travel, and has been across his country 4 (Jamaica) times and has plans to make it 5. He has a dream of traveling the world and believes that it will become a reality. In his past time, he loves to hangout with friends and families and to also meet new people. Though slender, he considers himself a foodie, he’s a lover of nature and the beach.

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Country Singer Franklin Cisco Burns

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Country Singer Franklin Cisco Burns

Disclaimer: The information contained in this communication is confidential, may be privileged and is intended for the exclusive use of the above named addressee(s). If you are not the intended recipient(s), you are expressly prohibited from copying, distributing, disseminating, or in any other way using any information contained within this communication. If you have received this communication in error, please contact the sender by response via mail.

Follow: Country Singer Franklin Cisco Burns



Ramone Alexander Manfred, a son of the beautiful Jamaica. and a model, his stage name is Ramone. He was born and raised in Jamaica where he developed the interest in modeling. In his years of growing up in Jamaica with his family , he was raised by his mum since, his father have always been away on the road traveling trying to build his business . I can recall most of the times we used to do things together but my dad and mum always say am unique among my siblings. Because of the way I carry myself in public. My education started from Pentecostal Primary School (PPS). I was part of some cultural groups and also took part in some performance act both in school and in church. Ramone Alexander Manfred, I furthered my education after junior high to senior high, and that was when I Ramone Alexander Manfred realized modeling was apart of me and I Ramone Alexander Manfred was apart of Modeling. Because my friends always say I pose nice whenever, I posed for the camera. Taking photos is a great hobby of mine. Ramone Alexander Manfred finds it fun taking pictures. So after senior high, he he went straight in to the working world but when ever he posts his pictures on social media people would asked, him if he is a model because he has the look of one. Ramone Alexander Manfred is inspired and gave his friends comments back in school a taught, so he joined one modeling agency at the age of 16 called Immaculate Modeling Agency whiles he was working and the experience he had was great, it did not end there he went back to school to study Hospitality Management and Food and Nutrition Management as well so Ramone Alexander Manfred loves to be in the kitchen cooking at time and helping other people, He got the whole cooking thong from his daddy Keith Manfred who was the Head Chef at the Head Office Bank branch in New Kingston Jamaica known as the National Commercial Bank ( The Atrium ). His father spent 25 years there preparing all types of dishes not only local but international too so he was inspired by his DAD.

----- Ramone Alexander Manfred ----

“Lyno is a dancer who is from   Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire.”

GarthTicketsOnline On FaceBook

Lyno   ReadMore

Dancers style, its the Magazine approach.

Anywhere you are in the world you can send your talent to us for posting, share your dreams it will make the world get to know you more?  ReadMore


Brou Guy-Alain

My name is Brou Guy-Alain at the Civil Registry, better known as Lyno Best Work. I was born on September 10, 1991 in Abidjan, Port-Bouet. I am Ivorian and I live in Abidjan, Ivory Coast.

Lovers of dance since very young, I really begin my first dance steps in Breakdance in Yamoussoukro since 2010 as a self-taught.

Since then, I have discovered and I continue to discover the many facets and strings of this body of trades.

Back in Abidjan in 2015, I started to learn other styles of dance such as Djembel, Coupé-Décalé, Krumping, some traditional dances of the country and Hip-hop New style watching choreographies of the famous American dancer WilldaBeast Adams who is a real inspiration to me. For more than a year I have been investing a lot more in this style by creating choreographies and making my own dance videos. Always in this impetus to learn and deepen my knowledge in dance, I discovered the Contemporary Dance and Afro-contemporary where I participated in an internship and obtained my first certificate in dance.

Outside of training, I have some representations to my credit such 


LYNO BEST WORK     Learn More

w/ The Justin Trio

  Click the link LearnMore about GTO~Magazine.

Learn More

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